Journey to Recovery

"Our material will challenge you, but more importantly, will inspire you to move forward with confidence and courage. As you do, you will strengthen your resolve, establish new-found hope, and obtain the lasting recovery you desire.”

Dr. Hal Baumchen

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Treatment Resources

Journey to Recovery materials are designed to help those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues solve problems, find long-term recovery and enjoy the highest quality of life.

Destinations is designed as a tool kit for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. Inside you’ll find over 40 chapters, each designed to address a piece of the recovery journey. Loaded with evidence-based information, checklists, process questions, and client exercises, Destinations addresses both chemical and emotional issues together, working to develop specific life skills and helping to reduce symptoms and prevent relapse. 

Dr. Hal's Newest Blogs

Dr. Hal Baumchen writes about Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment. Dr. Hal offers helpful tips for those living with both mental health disorders  and addiction. 

The Seven Wonders of Recovery

The seven wonders of the ancient world were astounding man-made displays of human ingenuity and creativity in engineering, art, and architecture. Recovery, although not equal in scope, can feel like your own amazing achievement, accomplished with great skill, fortitude, and creativity.

Stick to the Plan

Your recovery program makes your goals possible. However, without steadfast adherence to your recovery, your goals slip by the wayside, as unintentional victims of disinterest and apathy. Without unwavering devotion, it is easy to get sidetracked and drift off course. 

The Baffling Nature of Addiction and the Surprising Power of Recovery

One changed belief started the transformation for Ronnie. “It’s not too late to make something great out of the rest of your life.” It is true for him and for you.

What They Are Saying

It is one of the best tools I have found for Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Groups. It keeps clients engaged, motivated and empowered to make needed changes. It encompasses chemical health and mental health simultaneously, in a manner that clients can easily follow and participate in.

- Robert J. Frost MA, LPC, LADC


The people at Journey to Recovery are amazing! The Co-occurring Disorders Workbook -  Journeys, is just what I have been looking for. I use it in my co-occurring group and the members think it is wonderful. They enjoy the full color photos, note side bars, and easy to understand information. This workbook is written in layman's terms by Dr. Hal Baumchen. If you want a workbook without all the scholar terminology and definitions, this is the workbook for you. 

- Michele Scott, LPC, MAC


This material is simple to understand and makes recovery a positive journey worth fighting for! I feel confident about the quality of these resources!

- Betsy Gottsacker, Treatment Consultant, American Addiction Centers


Video Podcast Spotlight

Finding Contentment in Recovery - Part 2

Living a full life means experiencing a full range of emotions. There are many things we can all do to maximize our happiness, and happiness is increased by growing and learning. Join co-hosts Tim Bode and Gaylen Morse as they discuss with Dr. Hal Baumchen more simple truths about obtaining and retaining happiness and contentment.


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